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NAFCA North American Family Campers Association Site updated Dec 14, 2018


A main principle and cornerstone of the North American Family Campers Association (NAFCA) has always been conservation.

From the organization’s inception in 1957 at the Otter River State Forest located in Baldwinville, MA, NAFCA families have strived to protect the outdoor experience for future generations.  


Twice annually - in early April and October - NAFCA members donate their labor as they work on projects around the forest grounds by cleaning and raking, painting and repairing, and even doing construction.


Built by our members, this inviting and relaxing retreat, aptly named “Friendship Lodge”, was one such shining example of NAFCA's contribution to its conservation effort.

NAFCA has even constructed a nature walk between Otter River and nearby Lake Dennison State Forest Campground called the Wilder/McKenzie Nature Trail.

We love to camp and want only the best for the lands around us and the camping areas we all use. We welcome any camping family to become stewards of the outdoors by joining us for this fun and worthwhile endeavor.

Don Daniel
NAFCA Conservation Chairman