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NAFCA Otter River
Conservation Weekend
April 21-23, 2017

 Have you made your plans to join in your NAFCA Otter River Conservation Weekend outing? This is a good opportunity to help out at the birthplace of our association, which was in 1957. This is also a good weekend to use as a shake down to make sure your rig is fully ready for the upcoming camping season. As you know this is the first camping weekend of the new NAFCA camping weekends and others.

 On Friday the gate will open at 10 AM. You will set up at the end of the entrance driveway in the parking area. Please set up against the tree line and please no saving of spaces. We’re all friends and you won’t be that distant from anyone.

 You may use your generator which should be vented above your rig. You may also place your generator back into the tree line where the extra vent will not be necessary. Please be mindful of those camped around you as to noise and exhaust.

 Friday afternoon we will caravan around 4 PM to Pete and Henry’s Restaurant for our evening repast. This restaurant is on route 68 in Royalston, MA and has reasonable prices on seafood, chicken, pizza and some other items. The wait staff is attentive and friendly. All meals are Dutch treat and everyone is invited. Once we have eaten our meals we will return to Otter River for the campfire and I’ll put on the coffee pot. Please bring a goodie to share at the campfire.

 Saturday morning our work day will begin around 8:30 a.m. We’ll rake around the campsite fireplaces, rake and sweep where the brick garden is and sweep and rake in and around the pavilion (friendship lodge). If the forest staff needs other things done then we will add them to our list. If the weather is favorable for painting on a sealing coat to the restroom building and there is some Thompson’s Water Seal to do that task, we’ll also add that as one more thing to be done. All in all, the jobs are easy with many hands and together we have some fun working and being together.

 We will be taking a coffee break around 10 am on Saturday. Please bring a treat that we can have with our coffee. We sure don’t want to work too hard.

 The Saturday evening meal will be pot luck and we will have the meal up at the pavilion. Pot luck basically is you make a main dish item with an amount sufficient to feed your family and one more person. This way we’ll have plenty of food to go around. If you would like to add a side dish also, please do.

 After our meal and after we do some cleanup then we’ll strike up the campfire and I’ll put the coffee pot on. Please bring something to share that may go with our coffee.

 Sunday is a do as you would like, day. There will be a campfire on campsite number one late morning for all to enjoy. You may also want to join others in cooking your own lunch over this campfire. You just may want to sit and enjoy the fire and company. All will be most welcome.

 Some reminders: fuel for your generator; full propane tanks; a good flashlight or two; lawn rakes, work type gloves and weather correct clothing.

 No reservations are needed or fee for camping in exchange for your help with the Saturday tasks. All help is welcome. Saturday afternoon, day visitors are also welcome. We will have a handicapped accessible port a Jon for our use paid for by the NAFCA Board.


 Basic directions: From MA Route 2 West to exit #20, (Baldwinville Road) at top of ramp turn right onto Baldwinville Road. Go approximately 2 ½ to 3 miles to end of road and turn right onto U.S. 202 North. Go through Baldwinville center and go ½ to ¾ mile to Otter River State Forest entrance on the left side of U.S. 202 North.

 From MA Route 2 East to exit #19 (U.S. 202 North). At end of ramp turn left onto U.S. 202 North and follow approximately 5 miles to directions above.

 Any questions please call Don Daniel at 978-664-4294. I hope you will join your fellow NAFCA members for this ongoing project at Otter River State Forest.

Don Daniel, Chairman